1. How do I book my dog into the K9-Hotel?

Please call on 01189 344483 or 07738 462833

2. Do we need to meet first?

This is preferred so that everyone is happy.

3. What do I bring?

Please bring bed, toys, chews, treats and lead!

4. What exercise is given?

The dogs are exercised on the paddock all day, weather permitting.

5. What about on hot days?

The paddock provides plenty of leafy shade and a wonderful pond for a dip.

6. What if the weather turns for the worse?

We bring them into our nice warm conseratory.

7. Who cares for the dogs?

The dogs are cared by myself and my two adult sons. We are all dog lovers and have 21 years of experience with dogs!

8. How many dogs can be ‘checked in’?

We can care for up to 5 dogs at a time.

9. What if my dog becomes ill?

If your dog becomes ill, we will take him to your own vet.